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We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality customer service, ensuring we complete the repair work with minimum stress and interruption to their lifestyle. 

Andrew Norman was the founding director of our initial company -  A & K Emergency Shutter Services 24/7 -  which was established in 2009.

A & K primarily started out by providing emergency shutter services for Victoria police. In addition to this, the business also supported glaziers around the state with their shuttering needs.

Andrew worked on the philosophy that there is a viable solution for almost any problem and has demonstrated this many times over the years. Often faced with complex scenarios which required immediate resolution, Andrew prided himself on thinking on his feet to resolve the problems in a timely and efficient manner. From break-ins and criminal damage to severe weather, fire and flood aftermaths, we have seen it all.

With the appointment of Travis Mitrovski as co-director in 2016, the company evolved into a dedicated entity which offers a variety of repairs as well as emergency make safe services across Victoria. 

With Andrew and Travis at the helm, the business grew from strength to strength and has been restructured and fine tuned to work even more effectively. The business name was changed and Insurance Make Safe Services 24/7 (IMS) was born.


Company Values


  1. Safety

  2. Courage

  3. Common sense

  4. Compassion for others.

  5. Creativity

  6. Macgyver


IMS is committed to providing the highest level of service and standards in all jobs undertaken. We understand that the basis to any successful business is customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves on our great reputation of customer based care and liaison. This is complemented by our work alongside Australia's premier insurers and our own specialised team of professional contractors who share in the vision of being conscientious and highly customer focused. 

When carrying out work, we endeavour to keep our clients fully informed every step of the way, maintaining direct communication, guidance and contact throughout.
Safety is of paramount importance to us as a company and we are passionate about maintaining the highest levels possible. We are continuously investing to implement industry standards that ensure the safety of our customers, staff and the public.


Our company reputation and heritage is built on the pillars of integrity, respect and professionalism. Many truly extraordinary people have contributed an enormous amount of passion and commitment into making IMS what it is today. As a modern and evolving company, we are continuously striving to improve upon every aspect of what we do and welcome any feedback from our clients and associates.

Andrew - Founding Director

My vision was to create a business focused around helping others with situations that require timely and "outside of the box" solutions.


Giving people peace of mind and security when they need it the most is our goal. I am proud to say that we consistently achieve this and deliver a high quality service to our customers.

Travis - Co-Director 

Travis - Co-Director 

Joining the team in 2016 as Co-Director has proven to be an exciting and rewarding campaign. I have been in charge of organising every emergency job, day or night, and managing our trades to achieve a unified goal - excellent customer service and quality.


To this day I stand very proud in what everyone has accomplished and look forward for continued success in the future.


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Started in 2009 we have made our mark by giving a service that is focused on your safety and security at home.

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