At IMS we are passionate about restorations. After an accident or disaster let us handle getting your property back to its original condition, minimising the stress and disruption to you.

We can handle all insurance restorations, such as fire and water damage, accidents and vandalism.


We manage and coordinate our trades to complete repairs and restorations. We are committed to ensuring that  your expectations are met in addition to exceeding Australian Quality Standards.


Water damage is one of the biggest causes of damage in Australian homes. It could be that a leaking roof has caused a ceiling to collapse or a burst dishwasher pipe has flooded your kitchen and ruined your cabinetry. Whatever the situation, our services can streamline even the most complicated of repairs.


As always, we communicate with you throughout the job to ensure that you, as a valued customer, maintain understanding and involvement every step of the way. 


Our Company

Started in 2009 we have made our mark by giving a service that is focused on your safety and security at home.

Head Office

Melbourne, Victoria