24/7 Make safe Services

Imagine you have come home to find your front door has been forced open by an intruder. Or a severe storm has damaged your property. Any number of scenarios can occur, inevitably always at the most inappropriate of times.

We can assess any given situation and find a solution to make you feel safe and comfortable again in your home or work place. Initially we can usually determine what you require over the phone, but we endeavour to be onsite promptly to assist with what we know can be a very distressing time for many people.


If your experiencing any the following:

  • A burglary or break-in

  • Forced entry on a door, window or wall

  • Car impact/ram raid on a building 

  • Garage door damage

  • Fence damage

  • Roof or ceiling damage

  • Weather induced damage

We have solutions. 


We also deal with non urgent situations including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Minor demolitions

  • Rubbish removal 

  • Asbestos removal (less than 10 m²*)

Luke - Make safe specialist

During my time with the team I’ve witnessed the company go from strength to strength.


As a make safe technician, it is my number one priority to provide a high quality, safe and secure solution to any type of situation.